For Rio...

What am I doing up this early on the train? People heading to work look all clean and pretty. I just finished my run so I probably stink since I ran all night long. My girlfriend would tell me I stink something horrid, but I ran, so I'm proud. A little, not really that much, it's no big deal, just 35 miles. Yeah.

Now I'm on the 6 bus, all the pretty people are gone. Salt of the earth. Southsiders don't care much how they appear in life, well, just not on the bus. They dress up for the club, for dinner and a show, or dancing all night long. Just not the CTA. No one gives a rat's ass. Where did that phrase come from? I wonder about words and language now and then. I studied languages. 

No one cares about that, not on the bus, for sure. They just care if you stink. Not as a real person, just your body odor, but they don't say nothing. Usually, they polite, people on the South Side, unless they just be loud. Confrontational. Yeah. For no good reason. Yeah. Maybe they pre-game drunk. Or they always that way. Not sure. Maybe screw loose upstairs inside their head. 

Some folks got no filter. Others have no manners. I'm no better really. That's why I live in Hell. I run north from Hyde Park to Evanston, you see. I'd never run down south if I lived way up there, it's ugly-dirty here. The University of Chicago owns all the property down here. Stupid, I know, but yeah, there it is, idiots own it all, do nothing. Southside in a nutshell. Welcome to Chicago. No one gives a rat's ass. Is that an indictment? I wish it were, but no. That's the subjunctive case. No one recognizes a conditional clause. Chicago ignorant. Again, nobody cares a lick unless they're rich. Then they pretend real well. But that's nothing on me. They don't reflect my mind. 

Well, that's enough trouble for now, the FBI probably got a file. What do I care? I'm poor. I was born in Bombay. To them, I'm freaking rich. Rich in spirit. Not cash. Not capital per se. Maybe one day. Not now.