Dealing with things in a timely manner has never been my strong suit, my forte.

Each to their own in their own way and time. Let a hen sit on a half-dozen eggs until the clutch incubates for three weeks. If the last egg takes longer than a month, so be it, such is the natural world. Such is the nature of the beast. Devil-be-told, God works in mysterious ways. Who rushes the process of creation? Only an impatient fool full of haste. The waste of this world comes from impatience. The virtue of waiting to meet Khotod is overcoming a lack of patience. Nothing ever happens twice, or does it? Such is the practice of repetition. In this way do we observe the difference between internal processes and thought. Thinking is a methodical process.

Awakening to the continuum of thought-word-deed of past experience is to recognize karma is action through the process of consideration, whether thoughtful or mindless and harmful, actions are born from hormone secretions.

Left without a reason to act, the mind sits within its dwelling in emptiness. This vessel akin to a crystal vase shimmers light like a polished cut diamond. The body allows this vessel to dwell. Nowhere else can it go until life ends. Then it moves on, transformed, invisible. It is never the same when it begins all over again from the beginning. The process may take more than one lifetime. But persona changes with the body. The shift is imperceptible to see from within or without, such subtlety is the hand of God allowing a goal.

In Maradona, we see the fist strike the ball in a header into the goal. Impossible! The referee allowed the red card penalty in clarity, the motion all but imperceptible.

No, a camera caught it with speed-shutter swiftness but the guile was that of Jacob stealing both the birthright and the blessing from the blind referee, from the father, the son of Abraham and of Sarah.

Given life goes to the swift like a punch, the deception is without precedent. The Biblical nature of such a goal will never be repeated, the difference being a singular act of motion, without forethought, unpremeditated. The murder of the son, a sacrifice to God, comes with timely intervention by an angel, a messenger, to slay a ram instead for proof of allegiance was shown, provided by Abraham's faith.